We want you to be empowered.

When you are connected with Addo Living, you can be assured that you will have the know-how to take charge of you and your family’s health and wellness.

The Addo living community gives me a feeling of being part of a bigger picture, a bigger family. They welcome you into the ‘family’ and give you whatever support that you might need. Whether it’s a ‘way to go’ or what do you need help with. As they say ‘there is an oil for that’ and yes there is. Love DoTerra & Beka

– B.D., Addo Living Member

I am learning a lot on the Monday Night Wellness series. I look forward to all the other meetings that are lined up. I enjoy learning about all the ways I can use the oils I have and new ones that I want to get.

– T.K., Addo Living Member

Membership Overview

I remember when we purchased our first set of oils, it can be a little overwhelming. That’s why my husband and I created this community. We want to make sure you use the oils to their maximum potential for you and your family’s health.

When your oils arrive, we meet over video and go over each oil in your collection and address your health goals. We also go over how to use your dōTERRA account so you can be confident you get what you need.

Oil Camp

New customers can join our free virtual ‘Oil Camp’ where our coaches get more in depth about the oils and other wellness products. Laugh and share with other ‘campers’ and win fantastic prizes.

More Education

For our Private Addo Living Members

We provide eight education webinars for our members to learn at their own pace on topics such as Women’s Health, Stress, Sleep and Emotions, and Toxin Free Living (to name a few).

For Anyone

We partner with health professionals frequently on our weekly Monday Night Wellness series to bring a well-rounded, holistic prespective on some of the health topics you care about. Our Summer Wellness series is available for free for a limited time. Stay tuned for our Fall Series live on Mondays at 8 p.m. starting September 14, 2020.

Live Events

Other than our weekly online learning events, when we’re not social distancing we also love getting together for in person. Join us for DIY workshops, AromaTouch hand massage workshops, wellness talks with other health professionals, community events and more.

Would you like collaborate with us on an event you have in mind?

Partner with Addo Living

What do you see the next 5 years looking like? You may be finding your current job, financial situation, and home life frustrating. How would supplementing, replacing or even multiplying your income change your current situation? I would love to chat and see if doTERRA could be what aligns with your dreams and passions. I wasn't looking for doTERRA, it found me and since then I have been living with greater passion and purpose. I love helping others do the same.

I joined the Addo Living team during the pandemic. It’s a time where a lot of people were lost, discouraged and scared. Rebeka helped me wake up my love for natural plant-based products through essential oils that supported my family's needs for every day. I became a Wellness Advocate with this team so that I can help others… The Addo Living team supports me in my journey to grow as an amazing person, Mom, friend and entrepreneur. Keith and Rebeka are excellent mentors and amazing friends. Thank you. Addo Living — where dreams become reality.

– T.S., Addo Living Team

DoTerra has changed the way I take care of my family. Beka and Keith has such a passion for serving and educating people about essential oils. They had provided me with the tools to do that with DoTerra’s plant based products. I feel empowered knowing I can support my family’s (including our beloved dog’s) physical and emotional wellness. As an health care professional, this totally aligns with what I believe wellness should be. I teamed up with Beka to be a Wellness Advocate myself. Beka has such a positive energy and enthusiasm for building this business with me. She is committed in helping our team grow and making it fun along the way!

– G.H., Addo Living Team

Rebeka is a beautiful light in the lives of everyone she touches. When you work with Beka you know you are getting a woman of integrity, who will show up and support you, pulling out the best in you while serving those around her from her heart. It is a true gift to have Beka in your life.

– M.A., dōTERRA Leader

Beka is such a joy to be around. She is so heart centered and aligned with integrity and honour. She wants to pull out the greatness in everyone, and help us see the beauty in ourselves. Beka is one of the most positive and loving people I have met, and it makes it such a pleasure to work with her.

– L.H., dōTERRA Leader