Our story

My name is Rebeka Ly, I’m a mother and educator.

When I married Keith, we made everything from scratch. We made our own hand soaps, cleaning spray and even our toothpaste. Keith loves to cook and he would make everything from scratch too, including our favourite, sourdough bread. We did it to save money because we were just starting out, but it didn't take long to notice the benefits to our health and the planet.

In 2016, our daughter was born. We dreamed about having a daughter while we were still dating, and I like to think that we dreamed her into existence.

3 months in, she developed a health issue. I think seeing your child in any discomfort is probably one of the hardest things to endure as a parent. We worked with our doctor to get to the bottom of it, we tried everything and nothing worked.

A friend heard about our struggle and recommended to us an all-natural product. We looked at the ingredients and saw that they were clean ingredients. We bought it and used it on our daughter. It worked! To see her smile and laugh was the best thing any parent could hope for.

However, that didn't last very long. A couple months later, news broke out that the product we were using was not what it said it was and that we had to stop using it immediately because it was putting our daughter’s health at risk. It broke our hearts. We felt betrayed. We wanted to use what was best and most natural for our daughter and it turned out to be the opposite.

When we found dōTERRA essential oils, we were skeptical. We lost a lot of trust in “natural” products and we knew we had to do our research. We've since talked to the scientists, doctors and even met some of the dōTERRA founders. Each time we were blown away at their commitment to quality and integrity when it comes to sourcing from the best. We knew we had found something special that we could trust for our family.

dōTERRA essential oils have in many ways brought us back to our roots. It is very assuring knowing where the things we put on our bodies come from and we can be sure that we’re using the best ingredients this earth has to offer.

We started Addo Living to share our story. We want everyone to know that there's something out there that is pure, safe and effective.

I think seeing our daughter blossom in every way has been the best gift as a parent and dōTERRA essential oils and plant-based products continue to be our go-to for health and wellness. I want to share this gift of the earth, from our family to yours.

We love our growing community.